Summer Time Yall….

me     Well Hey Yall so good to see Yall on Our Front Porch today. Always a treat to have You spend some time with Us. Hope Your week has gotten off to a good start. Slip Your shoes off and sit right down. How has Your Family been? Hope Everyone is doing well.

summer     Summer Time is here and We are very much looking forward to the weekends, now most especially. Our summer weekends include working on a few projects, usually a trip to town for supplies, cooking out on the grill at least once, playing in the pool, visiting with a few friends and Church on Sunday. I reckon this Sunday We are going to try out that new ice cream churn too. I’ll let Yall know how that adventure turns out.  🙂

goose1     This coming weekend is gonna be extra special. We are gonna see if these Dinosaur Eggs Miss Emma sent Us are going to hatch. She sent Us a few other eggs earlier and We hatched 2 cute little bitties and 1 duckling. Now Waddles Our little Rouen Hen will have a new friend to swim with her in the duck pond in the courtyard.  I think these Dinosaur eggs are really goose eggs. We don’t have any geese so it would be so sweet if they were. We still are looking for a couple of turkeys to add to the Ranch and maybe a goat too. I was hoping to take the kids up to the auction in Camden soon.

pumpkin patch     We got the bush hogging in the fields finished this week. Getting things ready for the pumpkin patch this year. Will still have a little work to do in the Pecan Grove before the nuts begin to fall this Autumn. And then there is the fencing for the Horse paddock and the run in that need finishing.

How-to-Build-a-Greenhouse-493x328     Shawn got me the plastic for the little greenhouse I am dreaming of. Its going to be 8 feet by 8 feet. Nothing huge but plenty big enough for starting My garden seedlings and clippings. We have a few other projects We are working on too. I’ll tell Yall more about them later.

True-strength      Today’s Words of Wisdom Yall….. Have Faith, keep strong, move forward.

On this rocky road of life that We are All on, there are situations and there are people that will purposely cause stress and strife in Our lives for one reason or another. Don’t be afraid to let go. Keep Your Faith in God. Stay strong. As You move forward, away from the struggles, the ones who truly care will move with You. God is good. Trust in Him always.

Well We have really enjoyed Your time on Our Front Porch today. Please come back and see Us again real soon and tell the Family We say Hey!  ~Love from the Ranch~


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Count Your Blessings~

porch4     Well looky here! So good to see You on Our Front Porch today! Its been awhile since We got to sit down and have a good visit. Let Me pour You a glass of sweet tea and You settle in on the Porch swing and tell Me whats been going on in Your life. Hope the Family is doing good and work is going great for Everybody. As My Granddaddy  use to say…”Hope Everyone is Fat and Sassy doin Fine”.

We are working on “normal” here at the Ranch. Tryin to get everything and Everyone back on Our normal schedule has proven more difficult than I thought it would be. Everything has kinda gotten topsy turvy since My surgery. But even with everything being kinda outta wack, the Ranch Family has managed to squeeze in some yard work, a few evening dinners on the grill, and some much needed Family time. And let Me tell Yall, I have sure enjoyed it. There is no better medicine in the world than being around the people You love!

good friends     We had a few good visits this past week. Preacher Jim stopped by to visit with Us. We got to visit with Mr. Allen too.  Elaine stopped in for a quick visit. Bless her heart that lady is always workin and always so positive! We had a real good visit with Ms Pat too who has become so much like Family to Us.  Good, good Friends are truly a blessing from God. We are still answering email, trying to catch up with all Our Front Porch Friends who wrote in while I was sick.  It was so sweet and thoughtful and We are going to answer each and every one.

geese eggWe’ve got a few eggs in the incubator. Hoping for a good hatch. We’ve got a couple dinosaur eggs (least that’s what the Kids are calling them) from Mrs. Emma. Bless her heart, she loves sending the Kids “surprise” eggs. I think these are geese eggs maybe turkey eggs not sure. But I guess We will find out. We call this adventure hatching!

collards     We are cookin a big pot of collards today. My brother Gregg always liked for me to cube up ham and put in with them. I don’t have any ham to go into them today so We are gonna use some bacon. Should still be yummy I think. Yall know its good when there are no leftovers!

me     Well We sure have enjoyed Yall dropping in today. Wish We could visit longer but understand how busy Everyone can get. Yall come back and see Us again real soon! Tell the Family We said Hey and Yall have a great week!   ~Love from the Ranch~




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Happy Birthday to Me :)

me     Hey Yall! So good to have You visiting with Us.  We have really missed Yall. So glad We get to spend some time with You today.

We’ve got cooler temps and overcast skies here at the Ranch today. Things have really slowed down for Me these last couple of weeks. I confess My most favorite place here lately has been on the chaise in the Gentleman’s Parlor. The bay window has the most perfect view of the little duck pond in the Courtyard. I can hear the water from the waterfall and watch the Ranch’s most favorite duck Waddles swim and play. Very relaxing for Me as I lay here and recuperate from my surgery. As nice as this is I will really be glad to get things back to normal. I am sure the family will be too as they have had to take care of me and do all my chores as well as their own. I don’t know what I would do without each of Them.

gardenia     Today is My Birthday as well. In My lifetime, My birthdays have been some good and some bad. My Father passed away on my birthday in 2002 and 5 years before that on My birthday, I lost my daughter Alissa Marie. I was 15 and a half weeks pregnant with her.  For along time, I didn’t celebrate My birthdays. I guess I was afraid something else bad might happen. For the last few years My Birthdays have been much better. Not because anything really great happened. But because I have grown much closer to God. I guess I just learned to trust God more and His plan for My life. I learned to appreciate the little things. The simple things. The things in life that are truly important.    Like the life I have right now in this old farm house on this Ranch.  Like going into the courtyard and finding three beautiful fragrant blooms on My Gardenia bush. Watching the little birds eating the berries out of the Mulberry tree. Watching Our little Waddles swimming in the duck pond.  Getting  texts from Shawn when He is out of town. Sheila calling me on the phone just to talk about nothing. Gracie singing so sweetly in her bedroom.  Jacob drawing in one of his notebooks holding his tongue in the corner of his mouth. And opening email from all of You who read this blog regularly,  telling Us about Your lives and sending well wishes for Ours.  Yall have become Our Front Porch Friends, dear Friends.  I am one blessed woman. It has been another peaceful birthday. I hope to have many more.

Chris Grooms porch picture     This has been a short visit but I have really enjoyed talking with Yall today.  Yall have a blessed and safe week and please come back and see Us again real soon on Our Front Porch.

~Love from the Ranch~




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Its a hurry up world….

tea bags cookin     Well Hey Yall! Good to see Ya today on Our Front Porch. Always good to have You drop by and spend some time with Us in Our little corner of the world or Our “neck of the woods” as My Granddaddy used to say. I got a few tea bags brewing in the little pot on the stove top. Gonna make Us some sweet ice tea with that in a little while.  So how has Your day been?

orange rose1     Last weekend was just so pretty. I think We all stayed outside most of the time. We got some yard work done and some work done in the flower beds. The rose bush We planted out by the pond in the courtyard for Alissa was suppose to be a white one and when it bloomed it was an orangy red color. Gracie’s rose bush was a blueboy rose and its all brown and looking bad. I don’t know what happened. I told Grace We would get her another one but she is still kinda sad. That was the first rose she ever picked out and planted  by herself. Shawn brought me the sweetest little cedar tree. Its not even a foot tall I don’t think. I have in in a pot right now until I decide wear it will go permanently. With Mother’s Day right around the corner I am hoping to get some pretty Roses or Hydrangeas for the courtyard.

snake plant     And Yall I finally found a little Sansevferia plant, or snake plant I think they use to call them. My Grandma had one of these in a big pot by her refrigerator at Her house in Hartsville when I was little. I have looked everywhere for one and finally found it.

worth having     Yall know We love hearing from Yall. That’s one of the first things I do early in the mornings is check the webpage and the email. Its always a treat to hear how Your families are doing and how Your life is going. One thing I have noticed a lot of folks sayin is how They admire Our “slowed down” lifestyle. That got Me to thinkin. This world is so fast paced now. No one wants to wait for anything. Everything is rush, rush, rush. But so much is missed in the rushing. Folks don’t realize if they stopped rushing through life, how much more life they would have time for.

anyway     I gotta share something with Yall. I have been thinking about life a lot lately. In particular, My own life. And for the most part I have spent a good deal of time tryin My best and not quite being enough. I know a lot of Yall out there have had these same feelings in Your own life at one time or another. When ever I would get discouraged Momma would say “keep tryin Terri all You can do is Your best.” I tell My own Kids the same thing…”Simplify things, take Your time and keep tryin Your best. Believe. Have Faith. Trust God.” So I thought I would share these Words of Wisdom with Yall today, just in case Someone out there could use a little encouragement too.

me     Well We sure enjoyed Your visit today. You come back and see Us again real soon. Write Us and let Us know how Yall are doing. Tell the Family We said Hey!  ~Love from the Ranch~

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The Littlest Things

me     Hey there Yall. Good to see Ya today. Its always a treat when We get to spend time with You. So glad You decided to come by and visit Our Front Porch today. Hows Your Family been doin? Hope They are all doin extra good.

This week has gone by kinda fast here at the Ranch. We have gotten a lot of chores accomplished. We still have a list of chores left to do tho. Isn’t that always the way though. You work and work and finally You get one thing over and out of the way and sure enough there is something else to take its place. Sometimes its seems like a never ending cycle.  Over the years I have done a lot of planning, a lot of waiting and most of all a lot of Praying. God always takes care of even the littlest things.

oregon Gray turkey eggs     Speaking of little things… All Our spring babies are doing good. We wanna  say a big thank you to Mr. Bernie out in Washington State who sent Us six turkey eggs for Our incubator. Elaine, Our post carrier brought them to the Ranch the other day and they were wrapped up so good, not a single one broken. We had just finished hatching a few chicken eggs Delores had given Us so the incubator was still warm. (Those sweet little bitties are doing good too, they turned out a light red color). Yall keep Your fingers crossed. We have never hatched turkey eggs before, especially ones that went thru the postal service. We are hoping for the best.

plum jam     Hope everyone is doing ok with all of the pollen floating around. The flowers blooming are beautiful tho.  The azaleas, camellias, and wisteria have the Ranch looking especially pretty.  We still want to get a few fruit trees for the Ranch. I really want some plum trees like Grandma Maola had in Hartsville. She made the best plum preserves I ever tasted.  I sure do miss her. I think about her every time We work on the quilts.

1964-Ford-Falcon      I was just thinking…. Its funny the little things that become some of Our favorite memories. Like My brother Gregg laffin so hard at Me when I fell in the ditch behind Our house. My Uncle Frank tellin My Momma how good Her vegetable soup was. (She was smiling so big).  Going to My Aunt Maggie Ruth’s house and takin Brandy and Sha’ and Renea and Butter to the quick stop for ice cream. Sitting in My Sisters lap in Her first trailer She had. My Grandaddy Jesse pushin the end of My nose with His finger as I pulled myself up to peek in the car door window of that old falcon He drove. Holding My very first baby Sheila, looking out the hospital window at the snow fallin the night She was born. The first time Shawn held My hand. Making Mothers Day cards with glitter and buttons with Ashton and Taylor. Jacob taking His very first steps, grinning from ear to ear. (He was just 9 months old). Uncle Gregg getting sweet Gracie to sing Dooley for anybody He ran into. Our moving here. The first night We stayed here in the Ranch house and the Kids thinking the possum on the Front Porch was a funny looking cat. Seeing Landyn’s little red head for the first time.  That’s just a few of My favorites. Yall write in and tell Us some of Yours. We’d love to hear them.

Chris Grooms porch picture     Well Yall, We hope You have enjoyed Your time on the Porch with Us today. Yall come back and see Us again real soon. Tell the Family We said Hey.

~Love from the Ranch~



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Precious Gifts


ranch sign     Well Hey Yall. So good to have Yall back visiting with Us this week. Hope Your weekend was restful and pleasant. I sure wish Ours had been. I don’t mind tellin Yall I kept the Tylenol close at hand these last few days. Everything that I thought would go right didn’t.

farm animals     Yall that have pets know how important they can become in Ours lives. Its no different on a Farm or a Ranch. Just instead of having 1 0r 2 pets, We have 10 or 20. Four legged Family.  If You spend time with Your Animals You get to know Them pretty well, Their unique personalities and behaviors. And You can always tell when something goes wrong. Well something went wrong….

Little Clementine, Our cat that had Her kittens last week, has been doing so well with Them.  Saturday morning wanted to go outside and of course we let Her. She has been doing this all along, never staying out more than a few minutes before checking on Her kittens. Well, She didn’t come back…..and didn’t come back……and didn’t come back. We all went out looking for Her several different times, but She was no where to be found. We were at a loss. Besides worrying about Clem, here we have 3 little kittens not even a week old and no Momma. We didn’t know what to do. We went and bought the milk replacer and some eye droppers but still held out hope that She would still somehow come back. But She didn’t. So Grace and I began feeding these sweet little kittens who were hungry but wanted Their Momma not a dropper. I was so worried We were gonna lose them all. It had been 26 hours since Clem went missing. The kittens weren’t eating very much and things were starting to look bad. I didn’t know what to do. I began to pray out loud. We decided to get in the truck and go look for her one more time. This just wasn’t like Our Clem, she wouldn’t just leave them…

I know that was you God………..and then it happened. We opened the door to go to the truck and there was Clementine. She was bloody on the top of her head, face, back and back legs. She limped but she walked quickly past Us and straight to her kittens and laid down to nurse them. She was so very tired and weak. I cannot imagine what she must have gone thru. We let her nurse and rest a bit, then we clean her up and tended her wounds. You could see the teeth marks of what ever it was that tried to get Her. We are all so proud of this little girl. She is such a good Momma. So, so thankful to have Her back with the kittens and Us too.

eggs1     Our eggs in the incubator have started hatching. Our 3 Winter bitties look more like chickens now. They have all Their feathers and are in the big coop. Our Rooster Roscoe is fully recovered and has started regrowing His tail feathers. He sticks pretty close to the house now and roosts under My bedroom window every night. He has started crowing again. Almost sounding like His old self. He will crow every morning and if He doesn’t hear Me get out of bed, He will peck on the glass of My bedroom window. I think it gives Him comfort to know We are close by.

237          Time, attention, love and concern. No fast food places carry those. They can’t be bought at the Wal-Mart Super Center. So where do these Precious Gifts live?? Within You Dear Friend. Once You start sharing Them, They will return to You in abundance.  We hope all of You have abundant Blessings this week. Yall come back and visit again with Us real soon.  We always look forward to Your visits.

~Love from the Ranch~


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Loving what We have….

welcome to the Ranch     Hey Yall! So glad Yall stopped in to visit with Us today. We have been busy bees here at the Ranch. Hope Yall had a real good Easter. Ours was extra good with good food, Friends and Family to enjoy.

Our Baby Bunnys     Our little bunnies are doing well and so is their Momma, Miss Lou Ann. Looks like We got a big litter with some pretty colors too.

Clementine     Our little Clementine was busy herself… She had 3 sweet little kittens on Easter morning. They are all doing so well. Hoping We get some good mousers from these.

Jake & Tiny     Jake & Tiny1     We took some pictures of Jake and Tiny playing. She is just getting so big. She sure loves Jacob too. She gets so happy every time she sees him. She loves him picking Her up and laying in His lap. I asked Him what He was going to do when She weighed three or four hundred pounds. He just laughed.

words of wisdom happiness      Yall know Blessings come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes from unexpected places. I think God puts Us where We need to be and puts the people in Our lives for a purpose. I was thinking about this today as I was putting the china away in the china cabinet. I guess I am just a sentimental person. Good Friends are such a special Blessing and We are truly Blessed.

me     Yall come back and visit again real soon. Tell the Family We said Hey. Hope Your week is worry free and full of Blessings.       ~Love from the Ranch~



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Best Good Friends….

cinnamon toast     Well a great big hello and howdy Yall. Glad to have Yall visiting with Us on Our Front Porch today. Its so nice to get to spend this time with You. Jake has got a great big pot of coffee perking on the stove top and some good sweet cream to go in it in the icebox. Gracie made a pan of cinnamon toast to go with it and it sure is good I gotta say.

How has Your Family been? Hope Your weekend was good and Your work week off to a good start. We have been on the road so much these last few weeks. Just seem to have so much going on lately. But We have gotten to spend some quality time with Family and good Friends. And what a true blessing it is to have those in Your life. You know you don’t need a lot of money to be rich in life. Best good Friends and loving Family are worth Their weight in gold. And that’s really whats important in life.

baby bunny nest     We’re still adjusting to the time changing. Its kinda thrown Our schedule off. We had a real good St. Patrick’s Day and now the Kids are looking forward to Easter Sunday. We have been looking around for a baby duck so Waddles won’t be by Herself but all We have been able to find so far are baby chicks. So if any of Yall know anyplace that has baby ducks for sale please drop us a line and let us know. Gracie and I went out to the bunny barn this morning and My sweet bunny Lou Ann had Her Kits last night. I don’t know how many She had cause I don’t like to bother Them too much but They are all wiggling around in Their furry nesting box. Roscoe and the Bitties are all doing good. Hopefully They will get some company next month when the eggs We have in the incubator hatch. We will have an extra treat this time as We have a few bantam eggs in there too.  Tiny (Our most favorite piggy of all lol and Our only piggy) is doing so good and growing so fast. She looks like the pig on the Green Acres tv show! The kids and I are still looking around for a couple baby goats or lambs to add to the Ranch too.

baby1     Grace got a guitar for Her birthday and it came in the mail yesterday. So now She is trying to learn to play it along with Jacob learning His fiddle and Me learning with My Mandolin. Baby is such a good dog, a real trooper! She listens to all of Us and wags Her tail no matter what it sounds like. That’s some real love right there!

god-is-already-there     We have been looking forward to Spring coming for so long and now that its finally here We are all just so excited. If You have ever lived on a Farm or a Ranch, Yall know what I am talking about. I think the day the Lord created Hope was probably the same day he created Springtime. God is Good!

me     Well Yall, I am on My second cup of coffee so I better wrap this up. I hope this week brings each of Yall abundant Blessings and Yall Have a safe and happy Easter!  Tell the Family We said Hey and Yall come back and see Us again real soon.

~Love from the Ranch~



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Unexpected Blessings….

11209495_978616255538964_13261736921563986_n     Hey and Howdy Yall. So glad Yall got the chance to stop by and visit with Us today. Hope Your Family is doing well. Fat and Sassy as My Grandaddy use to say. We have really been enjoying this warm weather Yall. Hope You got the chance to get out of the house this past weekend and enjoy the sunshine too.

grace & Jake     We celebrated two birthdays this past week. Gracie’s on the 11th and Jake’s on the 12th. We told Jake when Grace was born that she was his birthday present. He teases her every year about that. I just cant believe they are getting so big. Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday they where babies in My arms. I miss them being that small sometimes. But I am really proud of them. I don’t just love them, I like them too. They both have such fun personalities. They are a joy to be around and are going to be good adults someday. Such a blessing. And I get to be their Mom 🙂

Roscoe double     We have been getting a lot of “junk” mail lately but We love hearing from Yall and try to answer everyone back as quickly as We can. Charlene from Illinois wrote in not long ago asking if We could tell everyone more about Our Rooster Roscoe. Well Charlene, Roscoe is a Rhode Island Red Rooster. He came to the Ranch from the little Auction in Timmonsville (that has since closed). He was a very young rooster then not even crowing good. We named him after Roscoe P. Coltrane, a character from the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard. On the show Roscoe was the goofy sheriff strutting around tending to everyone’s business. This just seemed to fit Our little rooster to a tee. He is a tough little guy too. He has fended off foxes, coyotes and wild dogs. He is a bit of a Romeo tho, he does loves the hens. He has a wicked sense of humor too. Since He has gotten older His crowing has gotten a lot better. He use to crow at odd times of the day.  He actually crows now just before sunrise. This is the sense of humor part…… He does this at Our Bedroom window.. right where the head of My bed is sitting. And He will not just crow once.. He crows until He hears Me get up. And if the Kids forget and leave the screen door open, He will be on Our back porch in a flash. He hid under the table last winter and We didn’t see him. The kids locked the screen door at night so He stayed on the porch all night. Scared Me outta My witts the next day. I didn’t know I could move that fast.

Faith     For Us this past week was full of much needed and unexpected blessings. The kind that makes You know with out a doubt that God is hearing and answering Your prayers. We know that God has a plan for each of Us. We are so thankful for His many, many blessings.  We are praying for blessings for You too.

We have really enjoyed Your visit today. Hope Yall get a chance to come back and see Us again real soon.          ~Love from the Ranch~



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Springtime Yall

porch4     Hey Yall! So very glad Yall are visiting with Us today! We love all of Our Front Porch Friends both old and new, that have dropped in to spend time with Us here at the Ranch. Time. I think that is such a precious gift to give to anyone no matter what the circumstances. I think its extra special when time is spent because You enjoy being there. And We really enjoy the time We get to spend with You.

seed packs     The Kids and I started some of the seeds for the garden. We didn’t get the little green house I was dreaming of, maybe next year. Meantime this season We are going to be planting some cucumbers, lettuce, green peppers, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, tomatoes, habanero peppers, pole beans, radishes, pumpkins and okra. I want to do some herbs to like Basil and Cilantro. And of course We are gonna plant some flower seeds like Zinnias and Sunflowers. Gracie and I looked at roses today. I promised Her a pretty one for Her flower bed.

Roscoe & Ashley     Tiny, Our little pig, is doing so good Yall. She is almost 3 months old now. And Waddles Our sweet little duck is 3 weeks old. Both growing so fast. Roscoe Our Rooster is doing much better since the wild dogs got into Our chickens. He has finally started to crow again.  The 3 Bitties We hatched out in the incubator are now 2 months old and since the weather has warmed up and they are all feathered out, We took them out of the brooder and they are now in the coop.  I have to admit I was alittle hinky about putting them into the coop but everything has been fixed so We did and We said a prayer. God is good.

daffodils-wordsworth      Springtime Yall….. “springtime” refers to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. The newness of Our ever-changing world. It goes by so quickly too. In the blink of an eye….  I think that is one reason We try to slow things down here at the Ranch. To take time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Like a young boy scratching His pig’s belly or a little girl looking thru the roses at the feed store, trying to find the perfect color.

make a life     Hope You enjoyed Your time on the Porch today. Yall come back and see Us again real soon! ~`Love from the Ranch~


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