~Comin Home~

porch4     Well Hey Yall! So good to see You All here today. Welcome to Our Front Porch! Its been a little while since My last Blog. Life sometimes has a funny way of getting in the path of the fun things We all enjoy so much. But I am very glad to be here with Yall today. And what a beautiful day it has turned out to be.  I do hope life has been kind to Everyone since last We visited.  Hope Your Family is doing good and Work is going great!

morning coffee     The Ranch is still the Ranch Yall. My quiet place of rescue and peace. Its always steady and strong like an old Willow tree.  And even when the wind blows and the long branches dance, they never stray to far. And I am real glad that Our Family and Friends feel that way too. Its great to have so many of Yall drop in to spend time with Us and visit. With Spring right around the corner I cant wait to have Our Front Porch Friends by for Our Coffee Parties.

dc     We have a couple of sweet additions to the Ranch Yall. Mr. Santa Claus musta thought We had been extra good last year and brought Us two very sweet horses… Dusty and DC.  So smart and such good temperments! Can’t wait to get them ready for trails Yall. (Confidentially I think it really was My homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies that did it. Well that and a shot glass of Moonshine….. sssshhhhhh Yall don’t tell nobody now 🙂  )

christmas moon 2015     This time of year, the nights are warmer. Stars seem brighter. and those full moons are always full of romance.  My favorite music at night after the kids are in bed is listening to those crickets sing. Nothin better than star gazing in the country Yall.  Always seems to ease whatever might be troubling Your mind.  I sure hope You can see the stars from Your Front Porch…..

farm89     Well I have really enjoyed this visit Yall…extra good is what it was!. Yall come back and visit with Us again next week please. Until then Yall take care and tell Your Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~



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My Favorite Time of Year

porch4     Well Hey there! Welcome Yall to Our Front Porch! How are You doing today? Happy November to You and Yours. Hope Everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. More Treats than Tricks.  Hope Your Weekend was relaxing and Your Week gotten off to a grand start.

baby-hands     Our Weekend went by in a hurry. And this Week has gotten off to the same way. To be honest it feels likes its going to fast for Me sometimes. Although this is My favorite time of year it is also the times when I miss My Family the most. Now I like, the rest of You, miss all My Family that have gone Home to Heaven. But I’m talking about My Little Ones. All of Them. I miss holding Sheila and dancing around the living room floor. I miss the sound of Sheila and Ashton and Taylor laughing and riding bikes in the yard. I miss Jacob patting His little legs wanting to hold His Baby Sister. I miss Gracie rocking and humming to Her Baby Dolls. I miss listening to Ashton telling Me about the great plays He made in His Football Game. I miss Sheila and Taylor helping Me and Momma cook for Thanksgiving. We ate a lot of Cheesecake Brownies. lol I miss Them All helping decorate the Christmas Trees and hanging all the little Christmas Ornaments They made.  Time has a cruel way of moving way to fast. Sheila and Ashton and Taylor are grown now with Homes and Christmas Trees of Their very Own, and Jake and Grace are almost there.  I know a lot of Yall understand what I’m talking about. Its the way it should be. The way its suppose to be. But at the same time, You wish it wasn’t.  You miss Your Babies. I sure do miss Mine.

donuts     Now that Halloween is gone its time to turn Our attention to Thanksgiving. Now this is ole Jake’s favorite time of year. That boy loves to eat. Only problem is He is still growing. I think it is all those Krispy Kreme donuts Preacher Jim keeps bringing Him. Right now He is about  6′ 3′   I haven’t measured Him in a couple of weeks. He is about 240 and I am now on the hunt for His new Shoes. He is wearing a size 17.  As I am writing this He is talking to Me about making Pumpkin Pies. lol  I am blessed. There are worse things a 15 year old could be talking about.

pumpkin-seeds     This weekend We will be filling the Woodshed for those cold Winter days ahead. Jake, Grace and I are gonna build Tiny a new house for the Pig Wallow. Hopefully We will get to finish the little Fence in the Courtyard for the Ducks too. And its time to clean the Duck Pond. Oh yes and We have to collect the Pumpkin Seeds from Our Pumpkins to clean and store for Us to plant in Our Pumpkin Patch next year. The Patch this year didn’t do very well. Hopefully next years will be much better.

cb-thanksgiving    Always something going on. With Thanksgiving on its way, it won’t be long before we have to get everything outside and inside ready for My very favorite Holiday…. Christmas.  And this time of year is where Miss Grace shines. To be as young as She is, She is very creative and She loves to decorate as much as I do. She is a big help putting up the Christmas trees in each room and with all the cleaning, decorating, cooking and sewing. I don’t know what I would do without Her, Shawn and ole Jake helping Me with all these Chores.

me     I hope Yall have enjoyed Your time with Us on Our Front Porch today. Yall come back and visit with Us again real soon. Stay safe and tell the Family We said Hey….

~Love from the Ranch~


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Everyday Blessings Yall

me     Well Hey there! So glad You decided to drop by and spend some time with Us here today on Our Front Porch. Such a treat to see You. How was Your weekend? Your Family doin good? I hope Your work week has gotten off to a real good start. Our weekend went by way to fast and seems like this week is going to be going the very same way…. fast. I feel kinda like I am runnin about 10 seconds behind where I am suppose to be and I am tryin to hurry to catch up all the time.

yeast     Saturday I got up early and rolled Biscuits, which reminds Me, I gotta get some more Yeast at the store when We go in for supplies this weekend. We made My Homemade Wild Blueberry Bread and some Butterfinger Cookies. Those Cookies turned out so good Yall. And We made My Momma’s Company Cake (yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing). Which I only had one small piece of since I have started my diet Yall. Since I had my surgery last May, I reckon I have gained a little weight. So now I get to have all the fun of dieting to get back down to where I am suppose to be. The Ranch Family is going to be in a couple of Christmas Parades this year so I wanna be able to fit into My Dress.  🙂    I wish it was as easy to take off weight as it is to put on weight.

mandolin2     Our sweet neighbor Jay stopped by the Ranch this weekend and Yall….. the Man can play anything with strings. And play it so, so good. I watched Him play My Mandolin the way I have always wanted to play it.  I haven’t been around anyone with that much talent since My old Disc Jokey days at the Radio Stations when We had Singers and Bands stop in to promote whatever song They had out at the time. And Yall He fixed My Mandolin up for Me. She is sounding better than ever.  I am gonna try to make time and practice about an hour a day. Hopefully I can make some better sounds come out of it too. Then maybe the dog wont yowl so loud. hahaha

firewood ax     Today we have a few chores to get done. I have a couple Carpets to finish cleaning and bring back into the House. Now that our nights around here have turned chilly the floors in this old Farm House get mighty cold. Seems like We are bringing them in a little earlier this year than We did last Winter.  The Almanac is calling for a chance of Snow this Winter. We still have wood that needs cutting so Jake, with His big Axe, will be on that today. Gracie has the Chicken Coop to clean and We need to get a few bales of hay out in the Pig Wallow for Miss Tiny.

crochet-snowflakes1     I get a kinda fun chore today. I found hidden away in a box some tiny snowflakes I had crocheted a long time ago for Our Christmas tree. I am gonna put them out in the sun and spray them with a little starch to get them ready for the trees this year.

kisses     Oh yes I wanted to tell Yall about Kisses. Well Yall know We have Waddles our little Rouen Hen that lives out by the Duck Pond in the little Courtyard by the Ranch House. Well We hated for Her to be so lonesome so along comes Quackers, another little Rouen Hen. In the last batch of eggs Mrs. Emma sent Us for the incubator was 3 Duck Eggs. So We got Kisses. Now all this time I thought Kisses was another Rouen Hen well after some growing and some molting guess what… Kisses is a Rouen Drake.  His little green head has started showing. I am so tickled. Now hopefully this Spring We wont have to incubate Duck Eggs but have Our own Home Grown Baby Ducks.  Little Everyday Blessings Yall.

blessed1     I hope You find many Everyday Blessings at Your House. Thanks so much for stopping in and letting Us be part of Your Life. Yall come back and see Us again real soon and please tell the Family We said Hey!      ~Love from the Ranch~




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A Weathered Storm

porch4     Hey Yall! How are You today? So good to have You here visiting with Us on Our Front Porch. Hurricane Matthew paid us a call and boy did He make some memories! I don’t think any of Us are going to forget Him any time soon. This is the longest We have gone without power that I can remember. Not to mention all the wonderful yard work He has left all of Us. I know Everyone around here will have plenty of firewood for this coming Winter.

cans     And Yall I always try to be stocked up on everything. We never know if We may have Guests drop in or what may come up. I was sure surprised to find out that My supplies would not last as long as I thought they would. Needless to say I am now out of just about everything and will have to start stocking up things again. I had almost cleaned out Our Pantry and Larder of food stuffs and the little Supply Cupboard with candles and matches, batteries and paper products emptied fast. Even the Linen Closet emptied faster than I imagined.  I know it was the same for most Everyone effected by the storm.  Thank goodness, slowly but surely, things are returning to normal. I think I am gonna double My stock piles this time.

My greenhouse      Like Everyone else just about,  We had some trees down on the Ranch from the storm. Our little Greenhouse came thru the high winds without a scratch! I am so happy about that. We lost two Gazebos though. Not sure when We are gonna be able to replace them.  The tv antenna came down as well but I think it is ok. We just have to shinny around and put it back up. Lots of leaves and lots of limbs. Not to mention the standing water which now has thankfully gone away, but left Us with lots of mud.  And all Our Animal Family came thru just great.  We have been truly blessed.  I hope things around Your place came thru alright. I know a lot of people had minimal damage and then others had a lot.

mandolin1   Jake and Grace made the most of Our non electric vacation to work on Their music. Jake practiced His Fiddle and Grace practiced Her Guitar.  Yours truly is working on the calluses on the tips of My fingers  with My Mandolin strings.  It has become Our custom, after dinner, to sit around the Front Porch and play….or try to play. The dog doesn’t yowl as much as when We first started learning, so either We are getting better or She is getting use to it. Either way We are all still having fun.

wagon-coffin     The storm put us behind with Our Halloween decorations this year. Its a little less than 2 weeks till the big night so We are gonna try to get everything ready this weekend.  Including making Our costumes. I am gonna try to talk the Kids into not making it too scary or there will be no one to hand out candy to!

my-quilt14    I got to restock My sewing basket too. I finished the Baby Quilt for Our neighbor Ariel and embroidered their Baby’s name on it. Now I am gonna get to work on My Christmas Quilts. I hope I have enough time to finish both of the tops I made before Christmastime and We get real busy around here.

me     We are sure glad You got a chance to stop in and visit with Us for a little while today. You make sure and drop in again real soon and tell the Family We said Hey.            ~Love from the Ranch~



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A Bit Ole Fashioned

welcome to the Ranch     Well Hey there. So glad to get a chance to visit with You today on Our Front Porch. Always so good to have You drop by to spend time with Us. Hope Your Family is doing well and Your week has gotten off to a real good start.

weater-the-storm     For all Our Front Porch Friends who are not in South Carolina, We are all getting ready for some wild wind and heavy rain as Hurricane Matthew gets ready to pay Us a call. This sweet ole Ranch House of Ours has seen a bunch of them. She has survived over a hundred years worth of Hurricane Seasons. Well I will admit, I always get a little nervous with Hurricanes. You just never know whats  gonna happen. If it was just Us losing power, it really might not be so bad. Anyway, We went to the store last night cause We ran out of Milk (thanks to Jake, He just loves it, drinks it with everything). Of course it was like a mad house, no bottled water, no bread, and almost no milk. Its always just amazing to Me. So many, many folks in one place in such a awful hurry.

oil-lamp      Yall know there are certain advantages to living the way We do. Kinda like a old version of today’s off grid living if You will.  I know that if the lights go out, We have plenty of candles, oil lamps  and lanterns. We can cook on the grill and use My cast iron pots  and build a fire and cook in the fireplaces or outside over an open fire. I keep the pantry stocked with coffee, flour, sugar, rice, grits not to mention can goods and some canned foods. We have fresh eggs from the chickens and ducks too. If We get hot the windows are screened so they go up without the bugs getting in. If We get cold We have the fireplaces in each room and plenty of beds and nice warm quilts to snuggle in.

sewing-basket     The Kids have plenty of things to do as well that are non electric. Gracie has Her sewing, embroidery and crochet, Her singing and guitar.  Jake has his drawing, whittling, his fiddle,  gardening and wood chopping.  Not to mention caring for Their Animal Friends.

poinsetta-plant     I am kinda worried about Our new Greenhouse with all the high winds We are suppose to be getting with this Hurricane. We have already put all the flower pots and hanging baskets inside from off the Front Porch. Hopefully the plastic won’t rip and the Plants will stay safe inside. I have My Poinsettia from last Christmas in the Greenhouse, hoping it will bloom again for Us this year at Christmas time.

rolling-pin     Reading back over this I guess We seem a bit ole fashion to a lot of Folks. In Our World there are Doilies on the Fainting Couch, Pillows with Fringe and Tassels. Coffee in Cups with Saucers under them. Rolling Pens in the kitchen that are used 2 or 3 times a week. Oil Lamps and Candle Lamps, Handkerchiefs with Lace, Sweet Tea in Mason Jars, old Family Photos in black and white, Aprons, Wild Flowers in little Vases, Fresh Eggs, Cowboy Boots, Feather Pillows and Handmade Quilts, Sewing Baskets, pressed Leaves in Books, Crisp White Sheets, Sunday Suppers and Family Stories, Outdoor Games, lots of Faith and Fellowship, Rockers and Porch Swings for Family and Front Porch Friends to rest upon…..

side of house     I guess We are a lot ole fashioned. I really love Our World.

Yall  try to stay safe and dry. And please come back and visit with Us again real soon on Our Front Porch. Don’t forget to tell the Family We said Hey!  ~Love from the Ranch~


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Homemade Yall

farm89     Well Hey there Sweetie. Good to have You back visiting with Us again here on Our Front Porch. How have You been? Hope the Family is doing great.  So glad You got a chance to stop by today.  I’ll put some coffee on and I got some real good blueberry bread I made this morning to go with it.  We can eat and visit… two of My favorite things to do!  🙂

coconut-pie      How was Your weekend? Ours sure went by quick! It feels like it was gone in the blink of an eye. We had a few visitors at the Ranch, Neighbors and Church Family mostly. I baked a couple of My French Coconut Pies for My dear Friend Elaine. The Ranch Family ate some real good Hot Dogs and homemade Chili. Oh yes, and We started the underpinning on the Ranch House and the fence in the Courtyard.  We did make a quick trip to town for supplies too.

bulbs1     This week We are going to get back to scraping and painting the Ranch House if the rain stays away. I think Jake and Grace are going to start painting the coffin for Halloween. We have to get the Halloween decorations from the loft in the Barn too. The Kids are so looking forward to decorating this year. We got to finish up the shelves in the Greenhouse too to make ready for the Plants that are going to spend the winter there.  I think Jake has a few winter bulbs he is wanting to plant for Holiday Gifts. Our Fall Cleaning is just around the corner, (Our version of spring cleaning this time of year). That’s always a fun chore.

fox     We also got to figure out how the chickens keep escaping from the chicken coop at night. If They can get out, then something can get in and We surely don’t want to lose any of Our sweet Hens to the foxes or coyotes around here. All but one Hen, We hatched Ourselves.  That makes Them extra special to Us.

hand-embroidery     We have a few projects for Christmas that will take awhile to finish so We are going to start them this week too. I have two Christmas quilts I want to make. One of those tops is already finished. Grace is going to start learning to hand embroider.  She has a couple of Christmas presents she is wanting to make and so do I .  “Presents from the heart”….. that’s what My Momma use to tell me when I would make Her things.  <3 <3

not_perfect     We have a couple of Front Porch Friends and some Family Members that are having some health issues and are in need of Our Prayers, We would also like to ask for Prayers of Peace and Comfort for Our Communities filled with strife. Prayer costs nothing but a few moments of Our time and it’s something We All can give. It’s truly the greatest Gift and one of the most powerful things that We can do for Each Other. We appreciate all of Your Prayers.

me     We sure have enjoyed Your visit with Us today on Our Front Porch. When You get the chance, come back and visit again real soon. Stay safe and hope You have a great week. Be sure and tell the Family We said “Hey”.

~Love from the Ranch~


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Ranch Ups and Downs

porch4     Well Hey there Yall! Good to see You again. So nice to have You back visiting here with Us again on Our Front Porch today. Hope Your week has gotten off to a real good start. Hows Your Family getting along? Hope Everyone is doing just fine and dandy.

schoolhouse-buns     The Ranch Family worked a lot on chores this week. Got the new tv antenna put up and working. Drank some good perked coffee and visited with a few good Friends and Neighbors.  Got a special visit from a sweet dear Friend (One of Our favorite Faces) We hadn’t seen in such a long time. Started some small  repairs on a couple of Country Quilts. Baked some Ole Time Schoolhouse Cinnamon Buns like We use to get in the School Cafeteria and a couple of Grandmama Ola’s Pecan Pies. (Our Neighbor Mr. Michael got one of those to take home). Ate some yummy Lynchburg Bar-B-Que and went to Church for a real good service on Sunday Mornin. With the Rain we have gotten here at the Ranch and the temperatures cooling down a little, I can almost taste Fall in the Air. Kinda like Autumn is playing peek-a-boo and teasing Us.

rock-balance-scale     For Me, it seems like time is really flying by. It seems like just yesterday that I wrote last weeks Blog. We got sooo much done last week, but at the same time I could just as easily say We got so very little done. Like a lot of Folks I bet. I guess it all depends on what Your goals are and what is important to You.  We got a lot of Chores done….. but there is still a lot to do.  We got a good bit of work done on Our Ranch Projects….. but there is still a lot left to do.

report-card     When I was a child in school I remember My Momma reading My report card out loud to Me. Before she signed it,  She would say “alright Terri….You brought your Science up but now You need to work on Your History. Next report card She would say “alright Terri…..You brought Your History up but Your  Science went down, You need to work on that now.  It was a constant struggle for Me to Find My Balance.

cardinal    morning-glories-a-fence-full      I am guilty of the same things now adays.  Only instead of History and Science, its Chores and Projects.  I am always struggling to find My Balance with those. But Yall know My Goals in Life really Hasn’t changed much since I was small. I still strive to be a Better Person and to make a Better Life for all Those I love. I try to Honor and pass down Our Family Stories and Traditions. And to Have Faith and always remember to take time to enjoy the Simple Things in  Every Day Life. That’s really whats Important to Me.

pumpkin1 happy-thanksgiving-turkey-09  blue christmas     new-year

This week We are turning Our attention back on the Ranch House. with all the Rain it has hindered Our progress painting outside but hopefully We can get started on it again soon. So for now We will concentrate on inside chores and projects. Got to get everything ready for the Holidays. Best time of the year and I am so looking forward to spending it with Our Wonderful Family and Sweet Friends. Yall come Back and visit with Us again real soon. Stay safe and tell the Family We said Hey!

~Love from the Ranch~






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Turkey Skeeters Yall

rouen-hen     Well Hey Yall! Good to see You again. We’re happy You had a chance to stop in and see Us today. Its always a special treat to have Yall visit with Us. Hope Your work week was productive and Your weekend with Family and Friends restful and relaxing. Here at the Ranch,  We have had (and still having here and there) a little bit of Rain.  The Pumpkin Patch and the Briar Patch (Blackberries) are just loving it, not to mention the little Ducks at the Duck Pond.

sewing-thread     Wanna say a big Hello today to Miss Lilly out in Rural Hall, North Carolina. Miss Lilly sent Us a beautiful old handmade Quilt that needs a little tlc. We were so tickled to get it in the mail and can’t wait to start working on the repairs. I just love patching these old Quilts. It is one of My very favorite things to do. After all, that’s kinda how quilting got started in the first place. One patch at a time.  🙂

aprons     I wanna make some new aprons too before the Holiday Season starts and We get swamped crazy busy (like usual).  I got an idea for a cute one for Halloween. I am not sure how much material I have tho. I got to check my fabric stash Yall  lol  🙂

mosquito-bites-1     One thing I am not loving right now is these dad blam Turkey Skeeters!! (Pardon My language). They are driving Me and the Kids nuts! You gotta be real careful going outside. If more than two land on You at once, they could fly off somewhere and tote You with em. I was laying in bed this morning and thinking about it….. if I took the cordless drill…. and attached the metal fly flap to the end of it…. I could go all Rambo on them!!!   Wonder how many I could take out before they swarmed Me……

lemon-meringue-pie    I’ve been thinking about My baking this weekend. I haven’t made a Lemon Meringue Pie in such a long time. It is My absolute favorite pie. I think I am gonna see if I can find Grandmomma’s recipe and get Gracie in the kitchen to help. We always have such a good time. She is such a cool kid and so smart. She has a real knack when it comes to cooking too. I’ll let Yall know how the pie turns out. I know We are gonna make Coca Cola Cake this weekend too and some Yum Yum Cookies.

bulbs     Ole Jake has been busy this week. He planted some late corn and has done some work on the Duck pond in the Courtyard. He is looking forward to working in the new GreenHouse too.  I think I am gonna get Him some fall bulbs to plant for the Ranch House Spring Flower Beds. He really likes Plants and working Outside with the Animals. Such a good Farmer!

morning coffee     I here My coffee pot whispering My name. I think I am gonna make a pot to drink while I do My Kitchen Chores.  Yall come back and visit with Us again real soon and tell the Family We said Hey!  ~Love from the Ranch~




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And the Rain came tumbling down….

Chris Grooms porch picture     Well Hey Yall! Good to have Yall back again visiting with Us on Our Front Porch today. Pull up a seat and mind the cushions. Some of them are still a little wet from all the Rain We got here at the Ranch from Hurricane Hermine this past weekend. She left Us some yard work to remember Her by too. That’s always fun.

labor day1     Hope You and Your Family weathered the Storm well and got to enjoy alittle bit of Your Holiday weekend. Happy Labor Day by the way. The Ranch Family enjoyed some real good Bar-B-Que Porch Chops, Blueberry pie and some melt in Your mouth pound cake.  Always so good.

wood shed     We had a few Neighbors by to see how We did with the storm. Mr. Wade dropped in to visit and He’s got a whole bunch of Oak wood He said We could come get. That made My day! We go thru A LOT of wood in the Wintertime  and that will really help Us out heating this big ole Farm House when the temperatures start to drop. I can’t wait to get it and start filling up the Woodshed. What a blessing!

My greenhouse      And speaking of Blessings….Yall this little Country Girl got Her Greenhouse!!! It is up and the plastic is On. We just got to finish the flooring and the shelving and its ready to go! Yall I am happy, happy, happy! Shawn did such a great job! And Jake and Grace helped out so good too. It really touched My heart to see the Family all out there doing this for Me.  Yall are Awesome!

fall wreath     Yall the first day of Autumn is on a Thursday this year. September 22nd to be exact. I am counting the days off.  Last Spring, Ms. Pat gave Me a big bag full of Fall Decorations and this week I am going to go thru them and see if I can make a new Wreath for the Ranch House Front Door. I hope to have finished painting the Front of the Ranch House before Fall gets here. The new screen door should be finished by then too.  Yall I did not inherit My Momma’s gift for tying pretty bows or making beautiful arrangements. It came so easy for Her. She could make something real nice from basically nothing. I sure miss her.

snoopy boo     Fall for the Kids is all about Halloween.  Now that They both think They are too grown to go Trick or Treating, They have decided to see how spookey We can make the Ranch when They pass out the Halloween Candy. This year should be extra fun. I’m not going to give away to many details but I will tell Yall that sitting on My Front Porch, as I type this, is a life size, ole time, wooded coffin……… nuff said  🙂

me     We’re so glad You got a chance to visit with Us on Our Front Porch today. We love hearing from Yall. Please drop Us a note and let Us know how everyone is doing. Tell the Family We said Hey and Yall come back and see Us again real soon.

~Love from the Ranch~





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Ranch Life

me     Hey Yall! So glad to have You join Us today on Our Front Porch. Hope Your weekend was wonderful and Your work or school week has gotten off to a grand start.  Slip Your shoes off and take a little rest while We visit. I just put coffee on to perk about 10 minutes ago.  So it should be ready soon.

my cherry pie     Our weekend was good but it sure didn’t last long enough. I did some baking including this Cherry Pie. It turned out real good. We made some yummy Peanut Butter Cookies and some simple but delicious “Company Cake” as Momma use to call it ( its just yellow cake with chocolate icing but We always had some for Company when they came visiting). Brenda made Us some good ole Buttermilk Biscuits and We fried up come country ham, pork sausage and bacon to go in those.

my quilt2      my quilt1     We had a few folks by the Ranch this weekend. Our Preacher dropped by to drink a coke and visit a spell and We got to meet one of Our neighbors from down the way, Mr. Jack who is 79 years young and still going strong. Looking forward to having coffee with Him and hearing some of His stories of yesterday. Ms. Diane stopped by too when she got done feeding Horses to take a look at some of My quilts I have for sale. I have a real pretty Christmas quilt I want to finish before the holiday gets here and We get too busy.

screen door     Our project We are starting work on this week is the Front Screen Door of the Ranch House. I am hoping to strip down the existing door and add the gingerbread and white paint. With the house being 110 years old We try to keep things as original as possible. We are painting the Ranch House white and the shutters will be a dark green. I want to paint the front door something pretty that makes it stand out so if Yall have any suggestions please drop us a note.

gregg ranch     gregg_kids 1     gregg lawnmower     Yall today would have been My Brother Gregg’s 64th Birthday. He watched over Me My whole life. Played with Me when I was little. Taught Me how to fish. Bought Me My first car. Walked Me down the aisle. Loved My Babies and spent a lot of time with Them. Brought Me medicine when I was sick. Helped Us with the Ranch in so many ways. I sure miss Him so.   Sheila, Jake and Grace do too. I take great comfort knowing He gets to spend this Birthday in Heaven with all Our Family up there.  Happy Birthday Bubba. We love You.

tara and robb       We have a lot going on with Our Family this week but We want to take a minute to wish Tara and Robb a very Happy Anniversary today. Best wishes to you Both on Your 4th Anniversary, May the happiness  You share last Your lifetime through. As Yall make a wonderful Pair. Happy Anniversary!

morning coffee     Well Yall the percolator is empty. Time to make a fresh pot of coffee. Yall come back and visit again with Us real soon and tell the Family We said Hey!  ~Love from the Ranch~



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