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August 25, 2015
   Well Hey there! So glad to see Yall on Our
Front Porch today! Your visits each week
mean a lot to Me. I know all to well how busy
day to day life can get.  Such a special treat
when We get to have Your company at the
Ranch! I got a whole pitcher of fresh sweet
tea made this morning just for Our Visit.
   Yall know I told You last week that I was
starting my
Fall Cleaning early.... Well
somehow, and I am not too sure just how it
happened cause I was the only one in the
room at the time, while I was cleaning my
kitchen...it turned into painting my kitchen. I
had some left over white paint from painting
Gracie's Bathroom. I was doing the dishes
and next thing I knew I was painting the
kitchen fireplace. I got most of it done too. All
I have left to do is move the
Hoosier cabinet,
We call it "the flour cabinet" and Grandma's
serving table and paint the
behind them. My sweet Grace helped me
paint the 4 doors in the kitchen. I bought new
shelf paper too. I'm gonna try to paper all the
cabinets this week. My kitchen colors are red
and white. My Momma had gingham curtains
in her kitchen. When I was a little girl, I use to
think how pretty they were. Now I made
some in my kitchen too, along with my Coca
cola stuff and my Rooster/Hen collection
which includes my Great Aunt Vena's red &
white salt & pepper pair. <3
   Speaking of Family, Yall I just have to
show Yall this wonderful picture my very
thoughtful cousin Chris sent Me of my Daddy
and My Uncles & Cousin. I just love it!
   And that reminds me. I need Yall's help.
Each year at Christmas time, I put up a tree
in each room of the Ranch House. But not
just any tree....I put up a Christmas Tree in
Memory/Honor of a Family Member. Last
year Grandma Ola's tree was in the Ladies
Drawing Room, My Momma's tree was in the
Greeting room, etc. I want to put up a tree in
memory of my Grandma Bessie. When I was
very little I went to see Her and she had a
beautiful silver tree up in Her Front room. I
thought it was so wonderful. So all My yard
sale buddies if yall happen to find a tree like
this one please let me know asap. We have
about 122 days till Christmas to find one and
since that was her birthday too it will be extra
special. Thank Yall so much for helping Me
look! I see a good ole time, made from
scratch cake and a great big hug in Your
future if You happen to find Me one!
  This past weekend, We worked all
weekend and got the stingers up, the
temporary treads on and the opening in the
ceiling into the 2nd floor of the Ranch House.
I am one excited Lady Yall. I can just imagine
the rooms upstairs and all the fun and
memories we will make when Our Good
Friends and Family can come and stay at the
   As I am sitting here writing this Blog,
Gracie came in with Our little hen Ashley to
remind me to tell Yall how good Ashley is
doing. We took the splint off her leg and she
can put weight on it. She still walks with a
little limp. I don't think that will go away but it
has not slowed her down. She follows Gracie
all over the Ranch. She evens comes up to
the screen door and peeks in to look for
Grace. If there is such a thing as chicken
love, thats it! On a sad note, We lost one of
Our best sitting Hens, Imma Jean to a bad
fox. Poor Gracie cried for an hour. I think We
are gonna add a couple more laying hens to
Our Flock soon.
   We so enjoyed
Your Visit today. Drop Us
a note and let Us know how You and Your
Family are doing. Check Our Calendar and
make plans to come see Us! Looking forward
Your next Visit! Love from the Ranch~
Tracy & Chris