Have Mercy that was good!

  Hey and Howdy Yall! So glad Yall had time to stop by and see Us today! Hope Everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday. The Ranch Family sure did! If I would have eat anymore I think They might have had to roll me out on the Front Porch this morning! Good gracious everything was yummy! Its a lot of work to make everything from scratch Yall but I have to say I think it was well worth the trouble. And there are enough left overs that I won’t have to cook today! lol

  Yall I was a little down yesterday morning I will admit. I really missed cooking with My Momma. In My Kitchen I have a picture of Her and Me on My Mantle. Its of one Christmas when I was about a year and a half old. I also have a picture of My Grandma Hodges there too. They both keep Me company everyday, My inspirations when times are tough.  We always watch the Macy’s parade. Loved seeing SpongeBob. And Snoopy is My favorite. We didn’t see Scooby Doo this year tho that was a bummer. Jake and Grace helped me a bunch cooking all the delicious dishes and Shawn, bless his pea-pickin heart, chopped My onions for Me for My Onion Pie, cause I am allergic to the vapors. Sheila came home to be with Us. That made the Day extra good. We really missed seeing Taylor, Ashton, Lizzie, Michael and sweet little Landyn. We got to talk to them on the phone though.

  Yall stay safe this weekend. So many folks are out and about starting their Christmas shopping. And remember buy local when possible. We start Our Christmas Decorating this weekend. I am still down with a strained muscle in My side but I can sit and supervise lol Thanks for Visiting with Us today. Always a special treat to hear from Yall. Drop Us a line at  terri@tilluride.com and let Us know how Your Holiday went.  ~Love from the Ranch~

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Ranch Thankful

 A great big Hey Yall on this chilly day! So happy You found the time to stop by again and visit with Us on Our Front Porch. We are busier than a 3 legged coon dog on the hunt around here getting ready for Thanksgiving! And to tell Yall the truth I kinda feel like that 3 legged coon dog. I have a strained muscle on My right side that is giving Me a fit. It just won’t let Me do all the things I want and need to be doing. Thank goodness for My wonderful Family who have stepped up and taken on some of My chores. I just don’t know what I would do without Them!

I got a message this week from a sweet new Friend. She asked “What is this place?”  Yall that really got me to thinking.  WHAT is TilluRide??  So since Thanksgiving is upon Us All I thought I would share what I think TilluRide is…..


It started as a dream……..

a little land, a little house, a lot of hard work, a few trying times and lessons learned, a couple of moves, a bushel of love and finally but most importantly….a whole bunch of Praying!  We love Our Family and Friends visiting. It reminds me so much of going to My Grandmother’s house in Hartsville on the weekends when I was a little girl. Each morning, I would wake up under a homemade quilt. She could make the most beautiful
quilts with just scraps of material.  Grandmama always used feather pillows on all her beds. (We use them on our beds too). So I would wake up with a feather pillow under my head to the smell of coffee perking on the stove top. Here at the Ranch We perk Our coffee and  just like she did. Momma and Grandmama in the kitchen cooking grits, eggs, biscuits and fatback and having a hen party as Grandaddy used to call them. At the farmhouse in Latta, Grandmama had one big bedroom set up with several beds, where all the grandkids would stay together. Grandmama had 8 children and lots grandchildren. I have copied her idea and set up one bedroom with multiple beds here at the Ranch too. We always had such a good time when we went there. Holidays were extra special, but just the regular visits were fun too! It was at My Grandmama’s house I learned the importance of Faith, Family and Friends. I learned how to treat and respect others. I learned a lot about forgiveness, unconditional love, friendship, family support and loyalty. These things were taught to Us not just with words but with actions. And no matter what was going on in Our lives, We all knew, there, We were always welcomed and always loved. That is Our roots and the very foundation of where We are now.

 What the Ranch became was bigger than the dream.

TilluRide is making memories. Warm cherished times with Children, Family and Friends. Lots of laughter. A few tears. A place of welcoming, comfort, peace and quiet. The simplicity of the old fashion country life and values. Learning and sharing the importance of the many “little things” We often do not have time for, forget, or just overlook.

 This may seem like a simple life to a lot of people. But I think a true feeling of Home and Comfort is important. Where Everyone gathers around the table for evening meals, the Front Porch is visited often, coffee is still served in a cup and saucer and home sewn quilts cover the beds. With the hurry and rush of today’s busy lifestyles and the everyday problems Everyone faces, We can All use a little time on the Porch.

That’s TilluRide to Me……

 And We are All so thankful for God’s many Blessings of loving Family, great Friends and Home sweet Home. Thanks Michelle for asking and reminding Me about TilluRide. Hope Yall come back and visit with Us again soon. Looking forward to seeing You then.

 Happy Thanksgiving Yall!! ~Love from the Ranch~

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1st New Weekend Edition of “Our Front Porch”

  Hey Yall! So glad Yall decided to visit today! This is the very first Weekend Edition of Our Blog. We will still continue with Our regular Blog postings every Tuesday so hope Yall can keeping coming and visiting with Us now twice a week.

We are still busy at the Ranch (as always). We got another load of Oak wood ready for the wood shed.  Hopefully we will get a lot done on the Bunny Barn too.  We are planning to take down all the Christmas Decorations from the barn loft and sort everything so each rooms decorations are all together. It will make things a lot smoother when We start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving is over.

 I still have a few items to get before time to cook for Thanksgiving Dinner. Yall know to make sure an check your dates on Your food items before You purchase them. I have been looking for buttermilk at a couple of places and the dates are always expired or very close to expiring. I would sooooo love to have Our own milk cow for fresh milk, cream and butter!! That is still one dream of Mine I have yet to accomplish. So for now, My Famous Buttermilk Biscuits will have to be made with Buttermilk from the store. IF I can find some to buy. I am really looking forward to cooking for Thanksgiving with My Family. Spending time with them is sweeter than anything We could whip up. I do hope You get to spend some Quality time with the people who mean the most to You.  Family isn’t Always about blood. Its about the people who make the time for You and who treat You right.

  This World is so chaotic in lots of aspects. In a blink of an eye, forever changes can happen. This Thanksgiving We all need to take a moment and give thought and thanks for All the Blessings, big and small, We have in Our lives.  At the Ranch, We are very thankful for each of You that visit with Us here On Our Front Porch. Those that drop Us a note to ask questions and tell Us about Your lives mean so much. Our Front Porch Friends are the best!

We know next week is going to be hectic for Everyone.  We do hope You can visit with Us again before the Holiday, but just in case You can’t, We leave Yall with Our Thanksgiving Poem.

Have a Great Thanksgiving Yall!  ~Much Love from the Ranch~

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Its getting Chilly on the Front Porch!

Hey Yall! So glad to see You today on Our Front Porch! Always such a special treat to have You spend time with Us. I hope Yalls week was extra good with lots of Blessings. Our week was pretty good.  The weather at the Ranch is getting chilly now that we are in the Holiday Season.  We have spent a good deal of time this past week getting ready for the cold. We did a little work to Our Wood shed out behind the barn, now we are busy filling it up with some Oak, Magnolia, Cedar, Hickory and maybe a little Pecan.  We really love this time of year.

With Thanksgiving on the way the Kids are already talking about their favorites for the menu. Gracie wants Dressing and Giblet Gravy. If I didn’t make anything else but that she would still be happy I think. Jake is trying to talk me into cooking a Turkey and a Duck this year. And I gotta make Sheila some Banana Pudding.  I know what I want…. my Pumpkin pie! And I know I am gonna have to make my Christmas Mice ( homemade chocolate covered cherries) for Church. With Christmas right around the corner, We all get to craving some of Shawn’s BBQ. Every year his BBQ just gets better and better. Just love this time of year!

Our little bunny barn is coming along nicely. And the rabbits are starting to get their winter coat in. Hoping to have some pretty babies for Easter next spring. Expanded the chicken coop, trying to make the yard bigger for them too.  I have Christmas trees going up everywhere at the Ranch the end of this month so I was trying to figure out how to put one up for the animals too.

We start Our new Weekend Blog this Friday so Yall make sure and come back to visit with Us then. Always extra good to see You! Tell Your Family Hello from Us. Yall stay safe and have a great week.  ~Love from the Ranch~

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Here We go Yall!!

Hey Yall! So glad Yall could join Me today on Our Front Porch! This new format is not what I am accustom to so Yall please bare with me. I have really missed writing to Yall these past couple of weeks. Change is something that I am not crazy about but as We all know sometimes its for the better and I am so hoping that this will be one of those situations.

Hope Your Halloween Holiday was fun. This was the very first Halloween in 23 years that We did not go trick or treating. Our youngest Gracie is 11 and she informed me that she was just too old to go but She and Jake wanted to dress up and hand out Candy at the Ranch, so that’s what We All did. We had a great time carving the pumpkin and putting up the seeds for Our pumpkin patch next year.  At the Ranch, We don’t waste anything, so of course We couldn’t throw out all those beautiful pumpkin seeds!

Now its time to turn Our attention towards Thanksgiving! This is one of Jake’s favorite holidays, one of mine too. In Our Family, some of Our best memories come from around the kitchen table preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Its always a time of fun stories, good conversations and family togetherness. I remember My Momma’s last Thanksgiving before she past away.  Me, Sheila, Taylor, Jake and Grace helped her demolish a whole pan of brownies while we laughed and cooked.  We always watch the Macy’s parade too. We just can’t miss seeing Snoopy and Scooby.  Speaking of Snoopy Yall. I have a huge confession….I am still a kid, at least on the inside! lol McDonalds has all those wonderful Charlie Brown toys from the new movie in their happy meals now. And I wanted them, so Shawn went and bought Me all twelve! lol (He is just so sweet). I have them all displayed on one of the mantles at the Ranch! Just love them! Now Jake and I are going to do a Charlie Brown Christmas tree to go with them at Christmas.

Well, I think I am going to close this for now. I hope Yall enjoyed Your time on the Front Porch today. I am thinking about making Our visits bi-weekly instead of once a week. Maybe I will learn this new program after all….God is good! Really enjoyed Our visit today!

Yall come back now   ~Love from the Ranch~

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Trying this out…..


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Hey Yall. I hope Yall are all doing good! The Ranch Family has 3 Members (including Yours Truly)  fighting Our way thru a awful head cold. I gotta tell Yall I am not so crazy about this new program for Our Blog/Webpage. Not sure if We are going to continue with this or not. Blog wise its a great set up but its limits Us as for as the Ranch Website goes. When I am over my Niquill induced thoughts thru this illness I am surely going to reconsider this program. Thank Yall All for emailing Us. So glad so many enjoy hearing about Our Family and the Ranch.  Yall be safe.   ~Love from the Ranch~

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Our Front Porch ~ TilluRide Ranch

Hey Yall! We have sooo much going on right now including updating this site! Yall bare with Us till We get everything working smoothly!  ~Love from the Ranch~

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