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TilluRide Ranch
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"So shines a good deed in a
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Mr. Willie Wonka
"Genius, is the capacity to see ten things
where the ordinary man sees one"
- Ezra Pound

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Tip of the Week
June 30, 2015

    Well Hey Yall! So glad yall took the time
to visit with Us again at the Ranch today!
  This week has gone by so fast! Thank the
Lord above it has cooled down somewhat!
Our Family has been busy at the Ranch
getting ready for the 4th Holiday.
    Speaking of the 4th I got a quick easy
recipe for yall and look how cute it turns
out! Its just vanilla ice cream with sliced
strawberries and blueberries. I like to serve
mine in a water goblet. So cute and just so
simple yall! And you don't have to spend a
lot of time in the kitchen and less time with
your guests!
    I also included this cute windsock the
kids can make. I love kid projects for the
little ones and they love to be included in the
holiday decorating. Its just a painted soup
can with star stickers from the
Dollar Tree
Store and streamers yall but they look good
and the kids will love showing everyone
what they made!
    I am hoping we can find a fireworks
show to attend close to home this year. I
always love watching them! Last year We
watched the Church's show from Our Front
Porch! Just love, love, love this small town
life. And I mean small yall. We have 1 store
for grocery and gas and a Post office.
Thats it!
    Guess who came to see Us this
week??!! O'brian & Chika! And they brought
little O'brian and Baby Remington to see Us
too! I can't believe he is already 2 months
old. We got tons of Sugar from that little
sweet tater but lil O'brian had just woke up
and he wasn't in the best of moods. So glad
I got to see them! Its hard for me to think
O'Brian is all grow up with a little family of
his own. Time sure does fly by before you
know it!
    Now yall know here at the Ranch we
have Our share of wild animals. There are
plenty of birds of all kinds, frogs and
crickets abound! We have some beautiful
Owls and possums, squirrels and
Raccoons. We also have a Humongous
Deer!. He is so big I swear you could put a
saddle on him and ride him. And He loves to
bed down in the little thicket behind the
Ranch House. Well we saw his gal friend
run into the horse pasture the other day. A
pretty big girl too. Maybe come spring we
will have some sweet baby deers! I hope so
would love to watch a baby fawn grow.
  We got a new
Saltwater System for Our
Swimming pool yall! No harsh chemicals in
Our pool! The Water is crystal clear too! I
love when we can do something "green" on
the Ranch! We have been working on the
deck for the Hot Tub and Swimming Pool
this past weekend. I hope we have most of
it done before we cookout on the 4th. I think
we will have the whole area looking good.
Yall I got my new bathing suit too so I am
ready! Great food, Good friends, Awesome
Family, we're gonna have a terrific holiday
for sure!
    This weekend is a wonderful time for
everyone to relax and regroup. Yall know
the enemy would like to divide and conquer
us. We must not let that happen. We must
come together as Americans. Do not be
fooled by those outside coming to "help".
We must trust God. Its the only way we can
survive as One Nation.     
     I hope All of you have a Wonderful
Weekend with Friends and Family. If
traveling or handling fireworks, yall please
stay safe. So Looking forward to Our next