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TilluRide Ranch
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South Carolina.
"So shines a good deed in a
weary world..."
Mr. Willie Wonka
"Genius, is the capacity to
see ten things where
the ordinary man sees one"
- Ezra Pound

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September 22, 2015
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September 29, 2015

    Well Hey Yall! Good to see You again.
We're happy You had a chance to stop in and
see Us today. Its always a special treat to
have Yall visit with Us. Hope Your work week
was productive and Your weekend with Family
and Friends restful and relaxing.
    Here in
South Carolina We have had (and
still having) a lot of rain. I think it started
raining Wednesday and has rained everyday
since here at the Ranch.
The Almanac is
calling for Rain here this week up until
Saturday or Sunday I believe. Thats alot of
Rain! Well the ducks will love it anyway. I
remember My Momma calling My Grandma
Ola in
Hartsville when I was little and talking
about checking the Almanac. I didnt pay much
attention, youngin like back then, but Ya know
since I got grown I have realized They both
were very smart people. So I try to keep up
with it now.
    We worked more on the stairway this
week. We got the hand rail up on the top half
of the steps. I hope We can get the spindles
done this week and the opening framed in.  
We also have to work on the stove pipe in the
bedroom for the wood stove and its almost
time to start cleaning chimneys. Always
something to do. I thought I had a picture of
the beautiful wood stove We got from Our
good Friend Kent awhile back but I can't find
it. So I posted this one so Yall could have an
idea of what I was talking about. Its time to
start filling the woodshed again. We like to use
season wood along with some green cut so If
Yall know anyone selling cords at a
reasonable price please let Us know. With 7
fireplaces and the wood stove We use a lot of
wood during winter. Especially since that is
Our primary source of heat. I still haven't
found My wood cooking stove for the kitchen
yet. I want one with an oven so I can actually
cook on it. I have been told I was born a
century to late. That might be true, but I really
love this old fashion way of life.
    Made the Kids some
Blueberry Skillet
this week. It was yummy Yall and the
kitchen smelled sooo good all afternoon. A big
pot of perked coffee went good with it. I had
Someone write in the other day and asked Me
why We drank only perked coffee and what
kind We used. I guess its because thats what
We were raised on. Grandma Ola perked
Hers on the top of the stove. I have done that
although I must confess that We use an
electric percolator most of the time. We have
a 26 cup percolator We use when We have
parties or dinners with a lot of Folks. It just
saves time. As for the brand We use, We
have always used
Maxwell House at the
Ranch. We just like the taste better. And
Thank you to those who have been writing in.
We try to take time to answer each email. We
love hearing from Yall and so happy Yall are
enjoying the Blog.
    When We started to Church Sunday
Morning, I noticed along the roadside that the
Spider Lilies have started to bloom. Thats a
sure sign Fall is here. Momma had these in
Our yard when I was a little girl. Just love
them. I am going to try to get some for Our
flower beds at the Ranch soon. The Ranch
Family was invited to Homecoming Service at
First Baptist last Sunday. What a wonderful
Congregation They have. We really enjoyed
the dinner and fellowship. Lovely celebration.
We encourage You to check the
for Community, Church and Ranch
Events. If Yall have an event You would like
for Us to add as well please email Us the info
and We will be glad to add this for You. There
is no charge for this service. And We post
events for all of South Carolina. So glad to
    I am fighting what I hope is allergies since
Golden Rod is blooming now. Least wise I
hope its allergies and not a head cold already.
Cold weather is not even here yet! Hope Yall
have a great week. Really enjoyed Our visit.
Stay safe.           ~Love from the Ranch~
You can use 1/2 evaporated
milk with 1/2 water as a
substitution for cows milk in