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TilluRide Ranch
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South Carolina.
"So shines a good deed in a
weary world..."
Mr. Willie Wonka
"Genius, is the capacity to see ten
things where the ordinary man sees
- Ezra Pound

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Our Front Porch Friends
August 4, 2015

    Well Hey Yall! Its always so good to see you
again! So glad You decided to stop by and visit
with Us on Our Front Porch today! I so look
forward to Our visits each week! And, by the
way, Thanks to each of Yall that take the time to
drop Us an email or a message on
and let Us know how You and Your family are
doing. Always such a extra special treat when
We hear from You!
    This Year has flown by sooo fast Yall. I can't
believe We are already into Dog Days! For Our
City Friends the expression Dog Days refers to
the hot, sultry days of Summer. Here in the
South, Dog Days begins the last week of July,
all of August and the first week of September.
Hottest time of the year. Also a time when
tradition tells us Storms are worse, Breaks and
Cuts do not heal as quickly, Tempers rise like a
fast flood and Livestock are apt to quit drinking
water if not watched closely.  For me, it is like
sitting on go. The end of Dog Days signals the
beginning of one of My favorite times of
year...Autumn! And this Fall We have so much
planned for the Ranch. Starting with Our first
Front Porch Friends Party on September 5th! I
can't wait to have Yall out to the Ranch for some
Good Ole Country Fun.  Good Food, Great
Friends and a Grand time!
    Hope Yall had a good work week and an
even better weekend with Your Family. Both
times were busy for Us at the Ranch. On top of
the usual chores and high temps we had 2 of
our Animal Family not feeling very well.  Our
puppy "Baby" got bit by a big garter snake at the
beginning of the week, and has been alittle
under the weather. And One of Our hens
"Ashley" decided to find out for herself why the
chicken crossed the road...now she has a hurt
wing and has took up residence on the porch
until she feels better. Nurse Gracie has tended
Them both and says Both are doing much better.
    We finally got the chainsaw back from the
repair shop. They had to replace the carburetor
but its running good now. Shawn cut that old
cedar stump down for me at the new fence line.
Now I just gotta get the riding lawnmower fixed
for Jake so He won't have to push mow the
yards.  We worked a good bit on the rocks for
the new pond and waterfall in the courtyard. I
found out how sharp some of them are the hard
way. It looks great.  We still have to adjust the
water flow of the waterfall and I need to get the
plants to go around it planted. And the light done
so we can see it at night. I wanted to work more
on My heart quilt but I ran out of time this
weekend. I do a lot more sewing in the fall and
winter months than I usually do this time of year.
    Yall my sweet sugar Sheila came home to
see Me late Sunday. We were all so glad to see
Her. We ate
Dominos Pizza and talked and
talked. Really hated for Her to leave. Love Our
visits from My sweet Sheila!
    Yall know I did alot of work on Our Family
tree when Sheila was a baby. I have just started
back on My research again. I am really excited
because unlike what I did years earlier, I can do
a lot of it online now. I wanna see just how far
back I can go on each limb! When we do the big
Den on the 2nd floor, I wanna make one of these
Family Trees for Us. I think it is so important to
know Our family past. So many don't these days.
    Yall know....I had a person tell me one time
"Life is not what You believe it is."  That
statement rang in My ears at some of the most
low places in My life. What he was really saying
was "You have no hope." But he was wrong. I
have lived on hope My whole life. I find comfort
in the memories of good moments.  Like the
sounds of My Momma and Grandma in the
kitchen cooking breakfast. The smell of fresh
ground perked coffee served in a cup & saucer.
My Bubba taking Me & Momma fishin at
with the cane poles hanging out the
car window. Momma lifting me up to pull a glass
bottle pepsi out of the ice at the
Ice house.
Riding in the back of the truck to the post office.
New white lace socks to wear to service at the
Church of Christ. The sound of all Us Kids
playin ball in the backyard. All these little
Moments of Comfort, became My hopes for My
Children, Family, and even My Friends. Maybe
to aide Them with Their low times. Thats what I
try to do in My own way here at
TilluRide....... to
give Yall just a Moment of Comfort when You
visit. .
If Yall would like to
join Us here on
Our Front Porch,
its easy as pie! Just send
Us an email to
and We will gladly
add You to Our Free
Mailing List. We will keep
Yall updated on all Our
Parties and Events!  
Looking forward to
Our Visit Yall!