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"So shines a good deed in a
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Mr. Willie Wonka
"Genius, is the capacity to see ten things
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May 12, 2015
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May 19th, 2015

  Well Hey Y'all!! Thanks so much for
stopping by and visiting with Us today! So
glad to see you again! Hope your work
week and your weekend went wonderful!
  We had two birthdays and one birth at
the Ranch this week Y'all. Happy Birthday
wishes to Shawn whose birthday was
Wednesday and Michael whose birthday
was Saturday. We made them a Birthday
5 minute Ice Cream Cake that was soooo
good! This link takes you to a video on
Facebook. Y'all gotta try this. Its so very
easy, I just loved it! We also had one of
Checkers (Gracie's Hen) and Roscoe's
eggs to hatch in the Chicken Coop. Such a
cute little Bittie! Kids haven't named it yet.
It was the only one of her eggs to hatch.
  As most of Y'all know Our Jacob just
loves anything about Bigfoot or the
. We took this picture of his Lizard
Man foot print and are in the process of
trying to make a cast impression of it. Will
let ya know how it turns out.
  We grilled some awesome
Cheeseburgers and BBQ Chicken for the
Family this weekend with Chipped Fried
Potatoes. So yummy!! The Volleyball Net
got put up and used as well as the Hot Tub
and Basketball Hoop but I think they had
the most fun Cable Reel Racing!  lol
 I didnt work on any projects this weekend
but I have a few I am going to do as soon
as I gather all the materials I need. Which
reminds me if anyone has an old
trampoline, one of the big old satellite
dishes or some larger pond rocks they
want to get rid of, please let me know. I
have started work on my little courtyard on
the side of the Ranch House. I want to get
some climbing roses for the fence on that
side. You will be able to see the Courtyard
from the Parlor's bay window, some of the
bedrooms and the Guest Rooms. I am
always working on something!
  We had one disappointment this week.
The kids have been saving up for a
swimming pool for awhile now. We had
been contacted about a used one at a
great price and were going to pick it up
only to find out it had been sold earlier and
the owner didn't realize it. So its back to
saving we go! Its like my Grandpa use to
say... "Anything worth having is worth
working for". He was a very smart man.
  Well the kids are making lemonade with
fresh lemon slices! Love that! Y'all can
make the
Recipe of Paula Deen's and have
a glass with us! She is just one of my very
favorite people! Y'all have a great week!
Looking forward to Your next visit real
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